What is ADHD Coaching?

In ADHD coaching, you and I work together as coach and client to explore the impact your ADHD is having on your life. What challenges are you facing and why? We map out the big picture to see where you are now versus where you want to be in your life. Then we define your strengths, your values, your learning style and everything you have going for you and use those in our work each week to close that gap.

How does coaching work? 

You know how it feels when you produce a brilliant solution to a problem. Your brain is amazing. And you know it’s capable. So then why now, when you need a brilliant solution so badly, do you draw a blank? If only your brain would be brilliant on cue!

This is what we do in our coaching sessions. We tap into the brilliance of your brain. You know the solution will eventually come to you but you need it sooner rather than later. So you and I work together to find it.

Through a series of questions we learn to better understand the circumstances or the problem until essential awareness or a plan of action emerges.

Why can’t you just tell me what to do?

I can! Or you can just read some articles, blogs, books, or try a new program. But haven’t you done that? You’ve probably learned some very valuable things and added some great tools to your toolbox. And I can help you with that too. But why has this not worked already? Why are you still looking for help?

Because something is missing. We need an expert on YOU to weigh in. And there’s only one person who can do that job. You. We need your brain to take all this information and these tools and apply them to your unique life and circumstances. This is part of the coaching process.

Does this work for kids?

Absolutely! You’d be surprised at the solutions kids come up with once they get a clear look at what is causing their troubles.

How does your program work? 

It starts with a free phone consultation to answer any questions, learn about each other and see if coaching is right for you (and if I’m the right coach for you). Next, we meet for a Strategy & Planning session to map out the course of our work together. Finally, weekly coaching begins. You choose the package that best meets your needs and we go from there.

To schedule your free consult call, email me with the subject line: Schedule Consult.